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emil matulewicz


goddess venus carina
Goddess Venus Carina
size 70x100 cm
acryl on canvas
goddess venus vilna
Goddess Venus Vilna
size 70x100 cm
acryl on paper
goddess venus jana
Goddess Venus Jana
size 70x100 cm
acryl on canvas
goddess eos
Goddess Eos
size 50x70 cm
Goddess Venus:
Venus is a major Roman goddess of love and beauty, she is equated with the Greek goddess Aphrodite.
Venus is the daughter of Jupiter, and is famous for her romantic intrigues and love affairs with both mortals and
gods including Mars and Vulcan.

Goddess Eos:
Eos is the Greek Goddess of the dawn and equals the Roman goddess Aurora.
Eos is one of the sky deities, and is sister of Helios (Sun) and Selene (Moon).
Eos rises up each morning fom her island (in the river Okeanos) into the sky in a golden chariot.

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