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emil matulewicz


landscape venice
size 50x70 cm
acryl on canvas
landscape venice 2
size 50x70 cm

Water, Grand Canal, gondolas form Venice.

landscape vezelay abbey
Vézelay Abbey, Basilica
size 70x50 cm
landscape la charite sur loire
La Charité sur Loire
size 50x70 cm
landscape cathedral le mans
Cathedral of Le Mans
size 70x100 cm

- The Benedictine abbey of Vézelay (Basilique Ste-Madeleine; La Madeleine) was founded in 860 and completed 1104.
Vézelay stood at the beginning of one of the four major routes through France for pilgrims going to
Santiago de Compostela.
Here a view of Gothic chevet (apse) from the east.
- Charité-sur-Loire developed around a priory built by monks from Cluny on the right bank of the river Loire.
It was one of the fortified towns granted as Huguenot safe havens.
- Cathedral of St Julian (Le Mans) is a treasure of Roman (nave) and Gothic art (choir) and is constructed in the XI
century to the XV century.
Le Mans Cathedral is dedicated to Saint Julian of Le Mans, the city's first bishop.

landscape cathedral florence
Cathedral of Florence
size 70x100 cm
landscape cathedral sevilla
Cathedral of Sevilla
size 70x100 cm

- The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore is the cathedral of Florence.
Building begun in 1296 in Gothic style and completed in 1436 with the dome.
- The Cathedral of Seville also known as Catedral de Santa Maria de la Sede (Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See) is
claimed to be the largest Gothic cathedral.
Construction of the cathedral began in 1402 and was completed in just over a century.

landscape burgundy
size 50x70 cm
field of poppies
Field of poppies
landscape wave
The wave
size 100x70 cm
acryl on canvas

Painting of landscapes from the countries in the Mediterranean region like France, Italy and Spain is done with passion.
Apart from the Mediterranean part of France, also Burgundy is preferred.
In Italy especially Tuscan and Venice attracts.
City views, cathedrals, monasteries, fields which hardly change in time.
Colors are used to express Mediterranean passion and lifestyle.

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